Covid Updates

As things develop we have cautiously reopened the Church for in person worship in a safe and limited way. Although cases have decreased in Grayson County in the past two days, churches are known to be high risk. In order to meet, we need to be particularly cautious to insure everyone stays safe by following the plan below:

1. People with health conditions, or who are 65 or older, are strongly encouraged to continue to stay home and participate online.

2. No more than nine famalies will allowed in the sanctuary for each service to allow proper physical distance in the pews.

3. To help with that limitation we will have two services on Sunday, an 8am and 9:30am.

4. The pews have been color-coded and labeled for each service. Only people who live in the same house may sit together in the same pew. All seating will be assigned and spread with two pews between each household. Additionally, the interior ends of the pews will be closed off to ensure proper distancing so people won't walk down the middle aisle.

5. Everyone over 2 years old must wear a mask the entire time, and we will not have congregational singing. Experts advise singing has a higher risk of spreading the virus. If you feel sick please stay home.

6. Communion will be available in a safe manner, and only the Sacramental Body (bread). Each household by pew will come up one at a time to receive for themselves to prevent contact.

7. We will not have a nursery of coffee hour open yet.

Together as a community we can get the numbers down - the sooner we do, the sooner we can all meet again as a full congregation.

We will continue to livestream as well, so you may also continue to join us online.