June 2019   
Bible Search

Some have already been done.


X       Old Testament Temple and Rituals

X       The Maccabean Revolt

X       Second Temple Judaism

X       The Roman Empire during the time of Jesus

X       The Dead Sea Scrolls

X       History of Bible translations

X       Issues of Canon


Church History

X       The Seven Ecumenical Councils

X       Overview of the Apostolic Fathers

X       Major Heresies of the 2nd - 8th century

X       Patristics: St. Augustine

X       Patristics: St. Athanasius

X       Patristics: St. Cyril (Mystagogical Catechesis)

X       Development of Monasticism

X       Rule of St. Benedict

X       The Iconoclastic Controversy

X       The Protestant Reformation

X       The English Reformation

X       Famous Archbishops of Canterbury

X       The Episcopal Church in the United States

X       Structure and Governance of the Episcopal Church

X       The Anglican Communion

X       The Oxford Movement

X       History of the Diocese of Dallas

X       Vatican 2 and Anglicanism

X       Major European Cathedrals

X       Pilgrimage sites in the Holy Land


X       War and Peace in Christian Theology

X       Modern Theologians: CS Lewis

X       Modern Theologians: NT Wright

X       Modern Theologians: Bonhoffer

X       Modern Theologians: Niebuhr

X       The Reformation debates over Justification

X       Gifts of the Holy Spirit

X       Creation and Evolution

X       Christianity and the Environment


Liturgy, Worship, and Spirituality

X       The Book of Common Prayer (History and Content)

X       Church Music

X       The Liturgy of the Church

X       The Daily Office (history and usage)

X       Church Seasons

X       History of Liturgical Books (Sacramentaries)

X       Sabbatarian Controversy

X       Early Christian Art

X       Medieval Christian Art

X       Renaissance Christian Art

X       Church Architecture after WW2