Who we are

We are followers of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, who by death destroyed death and brought life and hope to the world.

We strive to make his power known in our own lives and bring his message of salvation to our community.


What makes us different?

We combine a love for the Bible with a reverent worship that follows centuries of ancient tradition

We believe our bodies as a divine gift, and not a curse, and so worship God in ritual action with our whole being

We believe God loves his creation and works through it in water, bread, wine, fire, ash, palms, and other objects of his creation

We are deeply involved in our community and invite you to join us as we follow Jesus to proclaim his Gospel over sin and death to Sherman, Grayson County, and the world

Ancient Faith

Sustaining Love

Future Hope

Sundays @ 9:30am

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St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

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Office Hours

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    Monday - Friday
    9 am - 2 pm


  • Worship (Livestreamed Online)
    – 9:30 AM
  • Christian Education (via Zoom online)
    – 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  June 2020  
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