Christian Education


Baptism is not graduation, and the Christian journey isn’t a call to stay in one place. Instead, we are called into a life of discipleship in following Jesus. On earth, Jesus was called “Rabbi”, which means teacher, and disciples are those who learn from a master — ours being Jesus.

We have many opportunities at St. Stephen’s to be disciples and to be involved in our common discipleship.

Adults meet regularly before worship for Bible and Theology. This is a great way to explore what God says in the Holy Scriptures and grow in our faith in Jesus and Christian life.

In Advent and Lent, we also offer a weekly Wednesday Bible Study every Wednesday at 6 pm.

Some Sunday evenings we offer opportunities for deeper study in theology and church history led by the clergy. During the summer we offer book studies on Christian writings.

A final aspect of discipleship is growing in a life of prayer and service. We offer several opportunities to be involved in prayer and to learn spiritual practices that will help you grow as a Disciple of Jesus Christ. These take place at various times throughout the year so sign up for our newsletter!

Other resources can be found on our YouTube Channel as we add more content.